Why Sharing Progress & Feedback Will Propel Your Career

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The most important thing you can do to achieve more at work is to know what you are accomplishing and sharing your progress. Get more done and get the recognition you deserve!

In my previous management role at a global enterprise software company, Craig was a top performer in my team.  He always made sure I was updated on the progress he was making at work and regularly sought feedback from me and his peers on how he was doing. No surprise then that Craig received plenty of recognition and had consistent impact and success at work. He made my job easier as his manager and he made the team stronger.

Now there were others who did good work, like Andrew in our Toronto office and Sarah in Newtown Square, but they didn’t seem to get the same kind of recognition. Despite periodic 1:1 conversations, I remember sitting down with them for their year-end performance reviews and feeling frustrated. There was always insufficient data about the full range of their accomplishments over the course of the year and little specific feedback from other team members. Those discussions left everyone unsatisfied with the process.

The reality is that most managers have a hazy understanding of what people are accomplishing regularly and team members are unsure of how to communicate their progress and get recognition for their work. Experience has shown that self-directed employees who take initiative about communicating progress and proactively seek feedback from colleagues and managers, get recognized and have more impact at work than those who don’t. Their transparency also makes teams more productive, performance-driven and effective.

Spend less than 30 seconds a day…

Our mission at TalentCove is to make it quick and easy for people at work to be more productive and get the recognition and feedback they deserve.

Capture what you’re accomplishing, share your progress with your team when you want, and get recognition with day-to-day and informal feedback. It’s that simple.  Plus, all your information is always in one place and accessible: anytime, anywhere.

A Growing Movement

Thought leaders and companies we admire are embracing this approach. Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg called Netflix’s famous ‘Freedom and Responsibility’ Culture Deck (6,966,376 views and counting), “the most important document ever to come out of the Valley”. The emphasis is on increasing employee freedom and responsibility rather than more process, encouraging people to achieve sustained excellence, while valuing their colleagues’ skills and behaviors. This is the future of the workplace, and more and more companies – big and small – are adopting it.

With more distributed teams, a higher proportion of contract workers and an ever greater share of millennials (those born after 1980, and will constitute 36% of the US workforce this year), a work culture of self-directed progress and continuous feedback will be the norm. To attract, engage, retain and motivate the best people, teams and companies will need to adapt.

This is the future of work – and it’s in your hands.

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Fawad Zakariya, Co-founder & CEO

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